Music has power. The power to bring change, the power to connect living art and contemporary sensibilities with the traditions of the past. For over 10 years, the Gambian OpenMic festival has provided a platform for the youth of the Gambia and plays a central role in the development of Gambian civil society.

In 2019, the latest edition of OpenMic takes place in the Gambian capital Banjul. This time round the event takes place over two days. On December 27th the focus is on hip-hop. And on December 28th, OpenMic embraces the AfriCourage project and opens its doors to an international audience.

OpenMic in 2018

AfriCourage presents a range of internationally known artists (including Baaba Maal, the Ensemble Modern, Gee, Journal Rappe, Smockey, ST, Sambou Soussa, Tata Dindin, Wimme & Rinne and more)  to celebrate successful cultural diversity. 

The OpenMic festival goes from strength to strength. As the country’s premiere hip-hop festival, OpenMic offers the youth of Gambia more than a music platform – hip-hop is the bush drum of today’s Africa.

With a programme of music, workshops and conferences, and to be streamcast live by the European Broadcast Union to the world, the OpenMic/AfriCourage double bill invites you to participate in an event celebrating the unique history of the modern Gambia!

AfriCourage is organized by Black Lynx Entertainment, the European Broadcasting Union and the Goethe-Institut, and is supported by the Youth Empowerment Project and FTI Touristik