Music has power. The power to bring change, the power to overthrow injustice. The AfriCourage project is inspired by the story of one such use of power, the echoes of which resound until today.

Some background. In 2016, the citizens of The Gambia brought about the end of a 20-year-long dictatorship under the social media hashtag #GambiaHasDecided. At the yearly OpenMic festival in the capital of Banjul, and using the #GHD tag, the youth of Gambia decided they had had enough. Within a few months, Gambia’s dictator had fled. Today the OpenMic festival goes from strength to strength. As the country’s premiere hip-hop festival, OpenMic offers the youth of Gambia more than a music platform – hip-hop is the bush drum of today’s Africa.

OpenMic in 2018

And now? In 2019, the OpenMic festival will include the AfriCourage project. On December 27th, AfriCourage brings together international and regional music stars to celebrate the power of music, the strength of indigenous culture and the achievements of the #GHD movement. All invited guest musicians have a story to tell, and all are activists in their own way, using the power of their various cultures to overcome adversity.

With a programme of music, workshops and conferences, and to be streamcast live by the European Broadcast Union to the world, the OpenMic/AfriCourage double bill invites you to participate in an event celebrating the unique history of the modern Gambia!