AfriCourage Media Workshops

by Nov 26, 2019The Gambia

A series of media workshops carried out in partnership with United Nations Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) took place in November in Brufut, The Gambia. The workshops were attended by young Gambian social entrepreneurs, bloggers, radio and TV journalists, female activists and sound technicians.

YEP Media Workshop


The training was designed both to support the development of the skills of sound engineers and to create a cohort of media journalists with the skills to write, publish and showcase creative content and to support job creation and empowerment within the creative industries.

The workshops focused upon modern media and were intended to provide knowledge transfer leading to enhanced skills and job creation opportunities within the cultural sector of The Gambia. Prior to the workshops, four professional journalists/sound technicians had identified key dimensions of modern media, with a view to providing coverage of all aspects of today’s media communications. The workshop consisted of four parts, addressing the domains of print, video, radio and audio. The focus was upon the upcoming AfriCourage event in December.

Trainers were:

  • Radio: Johannes Theurer (journalist/editor at Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg)
  • Print: Martin Gordon (journalist/project manager at Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg)
  • Video and social media: Vanessa Klueber (journalist at Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg)
  • Audio: Racine Aidara (sound engineer) and Matthias Middelkamp (professor of sound engineering and acoustics at the “Hochschule der populären Künste” in Berlin)

The 30 participants came from a variety of backgrounds and professional experience. All were united by their desire to improve their communication skills in service of disseminating their particular interests in the most effective manner. Attendees ranged from expatriate journalists now returning to The Gambia to young women barely out of their teens passionately and articulately claiming their right to participate in media activity upon an equal basis with men.


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