Beneath the spreading Baobab tree

The OpenMic/AfriCourage festival brings together international and regional music stars to celebrate the power of music and the strength of indigenous culture in Banjul, The Gambia, Dec 27-28, 2019. The festival line-up will feature some of the legendary names of music including Baaba Maal, the Ensemble Modern, Jali Madi, Journal Rappé, Smockey, Sambou Suso, Tata Dindin, Wimme & Rinne and more. Created especially for the festival, the Liberation Orchestra of Inverted Traditions will feature some of the above artists in a spectacular, never-to-be-repeated collaboration, blending the traditions of visiting artists with local West African grooves.

The AfriCourage programme will be streamcast live by the European Broadcast Union to the world. AfriCourage will thus become the first sub-Saharan African festival to be broadcast live to major European media networks.

Traditionally a one-day event, this year OpenMic takes place over two days. On December 27th the focus is on hip-hop and urban contemporary music and on December 28th, OpenMic invites the AfriCourage project to expose traditional and contemporary culture to an international audience.

While in earlier times, the people of The Gambia would sit together at night beneath the baobab tree and exchange news and views, traditions have changed. But the need to share information, address problems and find solutions remains. The OpenMic festival provides a platform for the youth of The Gambia to meet and share, to encounter latter-day prophets in the shape of hip-hoppers who give voice to the hopes and fears of a young generation. The festival establishes the connection between griot culture and todays rappers.

AfriCourage brings artistic and business acumen to The Gambia to perform and work with local Gambian talent and entrepreneurs – the initiative aims at nothing less than turbo-charging the Gambian cultural economy. The OpenMic/AfriCourage double bill invites you to participate in an event celebrating the unique culture of the modern Gambia!

Media coverage:

  • two days live webcast to African networks
  • 2nd day live streamcast to major European radio networks with cooperation of European Broadcasting Union
  • 45 minute documentary for various TV broadcasts
  • extensive radio and print coverage
  • extensive social media activities

Our Partners:

  • Black Lynx Entertainment for festival and media production in The Gambia
  • Goethe-Institute (Senegal)
  • European Broadcasting Union, represented by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

AfriCourage is organised by Black Lynx Entertainment, the Goethe-Institut (Senegal) and the European Broadcast Union, and is supported by the United Nations Youth Empowerment Project and FTI Touristik. Details current at 20/1072019 and subject to change.