The festival – an overview

Why will AfriCourage take place at a hip-hop event? The forefathers of today‚Äôs Gambian youth would spread news, culture and information by using the bush drum to carry information from town to town. Today, hiphop is the vehicle for the dissemination of news and views. Hip-hop has been globally adopted by the young as a channel for self-expression, for airing of grievances, for dissemination of positions and for gathering with peers. The power of hip-hop has positioned it as the bush drum of today’s connected society.

Gambian cultural traditions exist within a globalized world that prizes the inauthentic and ephemeral. But there are many examples of cultures that have successfully transformed their local knowledge and tradition into life-supporting businesses. The AfriCourage project will host such successful examples as representatives of the Garifuna from Belize, the Sami from Norway/Finland and the First Nation from Canada, as well as many artists from the African continent