Jali Madi

by Nov 7, 2019Artists, The Gambia

The music of Jali Madi is the original griot sound embodied in the cultural fabric of the  the ancient Manding empire of Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Guinea and Guinea Bissau.

Jali Madi: the Modern Griot

Jali Madi is a singer and guitar player with a dynamic band that makes music that demonstrates the beauty of the kora. He dazzles his audiences with a voice of harmony and chromatic flavors that touches hearts while leading inevitably to the dance floor.

Like the rest of the band members,  Jali Madi has made a long career in music despite his young age. He began learning music at the age of six and launched his musical career when he was only sixteen years old.

Music was a natural choice for Jali Madi, since he comes from a very musical family: his mother Sainabou Tunkara is a backing vocalist and a dancer, and his father Alhaji Banna Kanuteh was a traditional griot singer and one of the most renowned musicians in Gambia. He, among other things, led The Gambian National Troupe orchestra and worked in Radio Gambia for more than fifteen years.

“I wanted to combine traditional music with modern stuff, because I’m from the home of the griot. My father was a griot, but he has passed away. So I have to take his place and do the same thing. I’m the only one in my family who can do that now”, says Jali Madi Kanuteh.

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