Liberation Orchestra of Inverted Traditions

by Nov 26, 2019Artists

What is the Liberation Orchestra of Inverted Traditions? Only now, after months of negotiations and virtual rehearsals can it be revealed. Drawn from the ranks of visiting artists, local superstars and the occasional wandering griot, the Orchestra will be an exercise in meticulous planning leading to an uncontrolled outburst of spontaneity.

The Liberation Orchestra of Inverted Traditions

This one-off performance will see members of Germany’s leading art-music collective Ensemble Modern teaming up with kora king Tatadindin and the Sami duo Wimme & Rinne to deliver a collective celebration of indigenous culture from near and far.

Augmented by members of Baaba Maal’s band on percussion and keyboards, Gambian legend Sambou Suso will guest on vocals and Sengalese stars Journal Rappé will compere the event, introducing various portions of the Orchestra set. Felwine Sarr, fresh from writing the report on restitution of African cultural heritage for French president Emmanuel Macron, will step up to the mike in his role as singer-songwriter, and the grand Orchestral finale will see all participants joined by rapper Killa Ace.

Bada Seck is one of the senior drummers of the great Jeri-Jeri Griot clan from Kaolack, and lives in Dakar. Bada has been with Baaba Maal since the 80s, and has also worked with artists such as Carlos Santana, Luciano, Ernest Ranglin, Taj Mahal and Jimmy Cliff. He plays all sabar drums, including thiol, nder, tungune and mbeung-mbeung bal.

Sabar & Talking Drums

Serigne Mamoune Seck is Bada’s nephew, also from the Jeri-Jeri clan and lives in Dakar. He also plays all sabar drums, specialising in khine Baye Fall, thiol and mbeung-mbeung. As a live and studio percussionist he has worked with Senegalese greats such as his brother Babacar Seck, Viviane, Abou Thioubalo and Aida Samb.

Modou Mbaye is perhaps the most prominent tama (talking drum) master of his generation – a virtuoso with great stage presence. He has played for many including Sidy Samb, Aida Samb, Birahim and others.

Mangone Ndiaye Dieng is a drummer/percussionist who has played for Youssou Ndour’s chief percussionist Mbaye Dieye Faye, and most recently for Wally Seck.

Keyboard & Bass

Keyboard player Ibou Mbaye played his first concerts at the age of 14 with Mbalax superstar Alioune Mbaye Nder, with whom he played for many years. Today he performs with Mapenda Seck, Ouza, Adiouza, Wally Seck, Viviane, Omar Pene, Yoro Ndiaye and others, often acting as an arranger.

And finally bassist Martin Gordon played in various bands over a long career, including sessions with the Rolling Stones. He’s worked with a variety of British superstars including George Michael, Boy George, Primal Scream, Blur and more. Since moving to Germany 20 years ago, he has not looked back, although he refuses to say why.

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