OpenMicFest – The People’s Event

For over 10 years, the Gambian festival has provided a platform for the youth of the Gambia and plays a central role in the development of Gambian civil society.

It started off as a small monthly street show and has now become the most famous music festival in The Gambia. The OpenMicFest was initiated by promoters Black Lynx Entertainment to bring together Gambian artists to celebrate the power of music.

A platform for the youth of The Gambia

For over 10 years the OpenMicFest has provided a platform for the youth of The Gambia to meet and share, to encounter latter-day prophets in the shape of hip-hoppers who give voice to the hopes and fears of a young generation. The festival establishes the connection between griot culture and todays rappers.


What was then – and

what is now

Founders Francis Mendy and Abdou Faye Waagan started their project in 2007, holding small events every Friday and making an open mic available for anyone who wanted to perform. One year later, they decided to open it up to the whole country. Today the annual festival attracts approximately 15,000 people to Banjul’s Independence Stadium Bakau, over the last weekend of December.


Take a look at an  incredible festival

OpenMicFest has for the past 11 years, attracted more attendees than any other event in The Gambia approximating 12,000 to 15,000 fans.